Incense burner

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Incense burner

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Censer is an essential equipment for Xiang Dao, and the censer is an indispensable part of Chinese folk custom, religion and sacrificial activities. The incense used in the past dynasties includes the Boshan furnace, the hand stove, the scent, the supine stove, the incense tube and other different kinds of fragrant furnaces, as well as the supporting instruments such as the fumigating ball, incense plug, incense plate, fragrant box, incense clamp, spade shovel, spice, scent and sachet.

The materials used in incense burner mainly include copper, ceramics, gold and silver, bamboo and wood ware, enamel and jade. It also has many uses, or smoked clothes, or furnishings, or worship God for Buddha. The shape is usually square or round. The square censer usually has four feet. The circular incense burner has three feet, one foot in front and two feet placed behind.

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