Mystery Huawei Router on CESA2018

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Mystery Huawei Router on CESA2018

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Mystery Huawei Router on CESA2018The network ports of the child and parent routing Q2 are all in the Gigabit level, which can meet the high-speed connection of wired devices in the room and also support the 802.11ac wireless standard. Q2 can automatically select the most unimpeded wireless channel in the deployment environment and bid farewell to network congestion. .S7712 Chassis Price Huawei S7700 Smart Routing SwitchHuawei router Q2 also supports open IoT device access. The HiLink protocol manages the IoT devices in a unified manner. Users can manage the devices in the Huawei router app to create a new smart home experience.Huawei 4GE Port WIFI USB GPON Fiber Optical Modem HG8245Thanks to Huawei's Q2 routing, which follows the power line communication technology, the sub-routes do not need any configuration, and only the parent route needs to be set, and which room signal is not good, the sub-routes can be used by plugging in the wall sockets in the room. Access the network in minutes.Network Switch 10 100 1000mbps WS C3750G 48TS EIn addition to sub-matrix, the Huawei route Q2 series also boasts 3 flagship motherboards. The flagship version differs from sub-master devices in that while Gigabit power line communication technology is maintained, 5 GHz mesh Wi-Fi is added between routes. Networking technology, dual-channel hybrid networking, can be said to be an innovation of the whole family Wi-Fi coverage system!Huawei S5720 Ei Series Gigabit Ethernet Switch S5720 36pc

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