Huawei true dual-band router maximum strength return promotion

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Huawei true dual-band router maximum strength return promotion

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Huawei true dual-band router maximum strength return promotionIt is estimated that there are still friends who don't know the meaning of "true dual-band intelligent router". In fact, all cities in the prefecture-level cities in China have access to 100-megabit fiber. However, the network has been upgraded, and many users have routing equipment at home. However, it has not been upgraded yet, and it is still running in the traditional 2.4GHz frequency band. This leads to problems such as poor signal generation, sluggish or dropped calls when downloading audio and video files, multi-device access, and playing large games.Huawei OptiX OSN 9800 U32 DWDM Transport EquipmentThe "true dual frequency" is to intelligently integrate the better performance of the 2.4G signal and the faster 5G signal through the wall, intelligently identify the location and network requirements of the user, and determine the optimal frequency band between the device and the dual frequency. Automatically seamlessly switch connections for seamless compatibility and speed-up. Users can use the 2.4GHz band when browsing the web and chatting. When watching HD video in games or online, they can intelligently switch to the 5GHz band to access the Internet.huawei s5700 series switches ficha técnica por fireiceAfter the WIFI signal transmitted by the traditional router is blocked by the wall, the data transmission will have a problem of frame shifting. In addition to the true dual-band function of the intelligent switching band, the Huawei WS5100 and WS5200 routers have also improved the algorithm for the wall penetration performance of WIFI signals.ma5612 sfp onu gepon huawei волоконно оптический onu gpon модемBoth routers use the LDPC weak signal error correction algorithm to optimize the through-wall performance of the dual-frequency signal. The signal to the terminal will be corrected on the device side, which reduces the link of the router to retransmit the data and allows the signal. It will not get stuck through the wall, it will still be smooth.huawei gigabit poe 6 портовый sfp переключатель s2751 28tp pwr ei ac

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